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Source Text for Sequitur

Volume - The Mystery

Book - The Footage

Chapter - Not Story-Important

Backyard is not story-important. Understand "backyard" and "yard" as Backyard. Understand "birdbath", "bird bath", "fountain", "statues", and "statue" as Backyard when the item described is examined.

Backyard replicates Time Lapse.

Backyard records Neo and Nickell.

The description of Backyard is "[cap-it][Neo] swings back a door and steps out into bright sunlight. 'Let's go,' [if Neo was not pseudonymized and Neo is pseudonymized][Neo][otherwise]she[end if] says. [pb][cap-it][Nickell] follows her as she walks passed a van, [if Nickell was unidentified][Nickell]'s[otherwise]his[end if] footfalls crunching gravel. Birds respond with their own loud calls. The camera scans some ash trees as if searching for the source. It circles back round to catch [Neo] and [Nickell] disappearing around a corner of the house. With its operator breathing hard and its lens bobbing, the camera follows the pair. It settles on [correct article for item described]large clearing crowded by trees and bush. Two black squirrels drink from [correct article for item described]birdbath. [pb]Zoom in. A hind leg of one of the squirrels hangs limply over the side of the bowl. [pb]'Are you getting this, Xeno?' [Neo] says. [pb]Tails jittering, the squirrels leap from the bowl and scamper up a nearby tree. The camera swings around and pulls out. [pb][Neo] rushes over to [correct article for item described]large fountain[unless item described is examined] centered in the yard[end unless]. 'Whoa!' She steps back and stares at three sculpted figures. 'Is that his ... thing?' [pb][Nickell] saunters up next to her. 'Yep. And those are hers, and those are hers.' [pb]The camera tightens in on the [unless the item described is examined]three naked figures: a man standing in the middle of the basin with one girl kneeling at one side and another girl standing on the other, their hands caressing his body[otherwise]suggestive figures[end unless]. [pb]'Those girls look a bit young, don't you think?' [Neo] says. 'Kind of gross. It's not like a little boy peeing, that's for sure.' [pb][Nickell] continues to study the girls. He turns away and looks at the camera. 'Why don't you turn that off. Maybe we should look around a bit. Get an idea of what's here. We don't need everything. This is supposed to be like reality TV, remember? It doesn't need to be real.' [pb]The video goes black.".

Dead Animals is not story-important. Understand "dead Animals" as Dead Animals. Understand "dead animals", "colored plants", "gold plants", "dead plants", and "dead trees" as Dead Animals when the item described is examined.

Dead Animals records Neo and Nickell.

The description of Dead Animals is "The camera tramples through bush. It finds a dead rabbit with white eyes. Zoom in. Maggots squirm in the eye sockets. 'Ugh,' [unless the item described is examined]a woman [otherwise]the camera operator [end unless]says[unless the item described is examined], obviously the camera operator[end unless]. [pb]The camera continues to roam, picking out a few dead blackbirds and a couple of squirrels. 'Wow,' the same high-pitched voice says, more to herself than anyone else. 'What happened here?' [pb]She focuses on a branch at eye level. Its leaves twinkle with gold flecks that catch the sun. The camera pans over wilting flowers of Spanish moss and monkey flower. [pb]'I gotta piss.' A woman's voice. [pb]The camera whirls around to the white clapboard side of the house where [Neo] is standing, a boarded-up window beside her slim legs. [Nickell] walks into frame and addresses [Neo], who frowns at him. 'Already? We just got here,' [unless the item described is examined][Nickell][otherwise]he[end unless] says. 'You'll have to go in there.' [Nickell] gestures toward the camera. 'This place doesn't have plumbing.' [pb][Neo] scowls. 'Okay, but turn that camera off. I don't want any chance there'll be some [']whoopsie['] footage of me taking a leak.'".

Time Lapse is not story-important. Understand "time lapse" as Time Lapse. Understand "backyard time lapse", "scenery", "falling leaves", and "wind" as Time Lapse when the item described is examined.

Linker rule for Time Lapse:

if Backyard links Dead Animals and Squirrel Trap is examined, link established.

Rule for recalling the link for Time Lapse:

say "[event] must have been recorded after '[appropriate name for Backyard],' and

[previous event] probably followed right after they left the house and went to the backyard. [event] seems to cover most of the late morning, but it doesn't appear as though the camera had been set up when the backyard footage was shot[if Locked-door is unexamined].

The [appropriate name for Locked-Door]' footage suggests that [Nickell] had started the '[appropriate name for Time Lapse]' footage after the girls went back inside the house[end if]. Then all of this must have happened in the morning, before the lunch break in '[appropriate name for Squirrel Trap].' ".

The description of Time Lapse is "The backyard of the house from a high vantage point. The camera looks down over [correct article for item described]birdbath next to several overhanging ash trees and [correct article for item described]fountain with [if we have examined Backyard]its statue of two girls[otherwise]two sculptured figures at its center[end if]. The ornaments cast westward shadows. [pb]The footage is speeded up. The bushes rustle, and a fox chases a squirrel across the lawn. Wind jostles the leaves of those trees with branches sprouting into the open space of the yard. Occasionally some leaves break free and sail onto the grass or into the fountain and birdbath. [pb]The shadows in the yard eventually disappear as the footage continues to its end.".

Sound Test is not story-important. Understand "sound test", "sound check", and "mic check" as Sound Test.

Linker rule for Sound Test:

if (Backyard is examined or Dead Animals is examined) or Squirrel Trap is examined, link established.

Rule for recalling the link for Sound Test:

say "They must have done [event] after [previous event] because [if Dead Animals is examined or Backyard is examined] [Neo] is referring to things she saw outside the house earlier in the day, and [previous event] began shooting before lunch[otherwise]they are about to have lunch, and [previous event] began recording before then[end if]. ".

The description of Sound Test is "The audio recording plays. [pb]'Testing,' a man says. 'Testing. By the river. East of the house' [pb]'You know, I've been thinking,' a woman says. [pb]'Can you do that while we eat lunch? I'm hungry,' the man replies. [pb]'That birdbath that the squirrels were drinking from. It was full of water. It hasn't rained in weeks. And it was clean. The whole yard was like that. Clean. And what about that ring I found? I doubt it was Kiku's. And the generator?' [pb]The audio stops.".

Squirrel Trap is not story-important. Understand "squirrel trap" and "trap" as squirrel trap.

Squirrel Trap records Neo and Nickell.

Rule for recalling the link for Squirrel Trap:

say "In the [event] footage, [Nickell] refers to something he said minutes earlier in the [previous event] audio. ".

The description of Squirrel trap is "The video starts with a close-up of [Neo]. [if Neo was not pseudonymized and Neo is pseudonymized][Neo][otherwise]She[end if] stares into the camera[unless the item described is examined], her eyes a paler shade than that of her hair[end unless]. She pulls the camera away from her face. 'Seems to work okay out here.' [pb]The camera turns to [Nickell], who is sitting propped up against a cypress with a video recorder next to him. He is snarfing down a submarine sandwich. Behind [if Nickell was not pseudonymized and Nickell is pseudonymized][Nickell][otherwise]him[end if], the sluggish Mississippi River caresses the posts of several dilapidated docks. [pb][unless the item described is examined]A furry head [otherwise]The black squirrel[end unless] peers out at the camera from a bush to the left of [Nickell]. The camera pans over to the animal, its fluffy tail twitching against its twiggy camouflage. [pb]'Quiet,' [Neo] says. 'I've got a great idea.' [pb][Nickell] says something that sounds like 'Two in ten minutes. That's good.' [pb]'Shut up and be quiet. This will be a cool shot if it works.' [pb]The camera jiggles across some trees and away from the [unless the item described is examined]animal[otherwise]squirrel[end unless]. [Neo]'s hand places a strawberry on the grass, then the camera descends to ground level and focuses on the fruit centered in screen. [pb]Minutes pass with the occasional twitter and call from some birds. Then, [correct article for item described]squirrel enters the frame. Nose twitching, it scurries awkwardly over to the strawberry. Its black fur is speckled with gold dust. The squirrel snatches up the bait and scampers off, dragging one hind leg through the grass. [pb]'It worked!' [Neo] shrieks. The camera is pulled from the ground. 'Gotcha my pretty. Salt will love this.' [pb]'Let's take a look,' [Nickell] says.".

Kitchen is story-important. Understand "kitchen" as Kitchen. Understand "stairs", "staircase", and "foyer" as Kitchen when the item described is examined.

Kitchen reveals Argo.

Kitchen records Argo and Neo.

Kitchen replicates Locked-Door and Fight.

The description of Kitchen is "The camera frames [correct article for item described]spacious foyer and wide staircase, which ascends to a hall lined with doors. [unless the item described is examined]A man, t[otherwise]T[end unless]he camera operator[unless the item described is examined],[end unless] coughs. Floorboards creak as the camera turns left into a sitting room furnished with sofas and chairs, faded floral cushions attached to wood frames and armrests. [unless the item described is examined]An[otherwise]The[end unless] empty fireplace is set in the far wall. The muted sunlight, filtered by a yellowed shear over a large window, highlights dust. Everywhere. [pb]The camera operator coughs again and chokes. The deep throaty sound is heard; an attempt to clear a throat that is obviously male. Excited chatter and a loud bang draw him to the foyer where he finds a music keyboard and guitar. He continues into [correct article for item described]dining room with a long table surrounded by chairs, then he enters [correct article for item described]kitchen. He focuses on a refrigerator, which he pulls open. It's empty. The camera finds [correct article for item described]sink set into the cracked countertop. The camera operator turns the taps, producing only a squeaking sound. [pb]A chair scrapes the floor. 'What did you expect?' [unless the item described is examined]A man's voice[otherwise]Argo says[end unless]. 'This place is abandoned, right?' [pb]The camera swings around[unless the item described is examined]. [cap-it][Argo] is sitting at the table[otherwise] to him[end unless]. 'By the way, thanks for the help unloading,' [unless Argo is pseudonymized and Argo was not pseudonymized]he[otherwise][Argo][end unless] says. [pb]'I'm here to shoot, Argo. Music is your department. Isn't this place great? Just like I told you.' [pb]Argo shrugs. [pb]'C'mon. This is the one that puts Chien Chaud Chat Froid on the charts. Billboard.' He sings, 'Cover of the [i]Rolling Stone.[/i] [i]White Phosphorous[/i] is gonna explode. Forget gold, baby, platinum.' [pb]A door slams and floorboards creak. 'Hey.' [unless the item described is examined]Female voice. [cap-it][Neo] rushes over to Argo and flops onto his lap. Smiling, [Neo] wraps an arm around the guy's shoulders[otherwise][Neo] says before sauntering over to Argo and settling on his lap[end unless]. [pb]The video stops.".

Diary is story-important. Understand "diary" and "journal" as Diary.

Diary records Argo.

The description of Diary is "The camera focuses on [unless the item described is examined or Argo is not unidentified]a man sitting on a bed with a Roland keyboard on his lap. His face is so shredded with metal that he could have kissed a live grenade[otherwise][Argo], who is sitting on the bed[end unless]. 'You don't find it weird that this bed is made?' [unless Argo is unidentified]Argo[otherwise]Shrapnel[end unless] says. He lays the keyboard onto the mattress. [pb]'Don't worry about it,' says the male camera operator. 'I checked this place out. Nobody seems to know much about it, but nobody owns it, man. There's nobody here. We're in-and-out in a few hours, anyway .' [pb]'Not if Neo takes Xeno and Nickell on a hike through the woods out there,' [if Argo is unidentified]Shrapnel[otherwise]Argo[end if] says. [pb]The video stops. [pb]Excerpts from scanned copies of two handwritten pages taken from the nightstand: [pb]October 23, 1968[lb]I am worried about Kiku. All girls get hurt, but she doesn't heal good. I try to help her by telling the men that she's sick and can't work. They don't listen. I am teaching her English. She also wants to learn to read [i]Makura No Soshi,[/i] which her mother read to her and she brought with her. [pb]May 4, 1969[lb]I begged to take Kiku to Mont Helene's so she can have her baby . They wouldn't let me. I tried to save her. Poor Kiku was too young maybe, too weak. Father Baptiste let me bury her at St. Maria. Thank God her baby survived. I took her to the hospital to make her safe. I just leave her there. I will leave this place. I will help Kiku's daughter find a home.".

Chrysanthemum is story-important. Understand "yellow chrysanthemum", "yellow flower", "chrysanthemum", "flower", and "flowers" as Chrysanthemum. understand "girl", "asian girl", "asian woman", "japanese woman", "Japanese girl", and "Kiku" as Chrysanthemum when the item described is examined. .

Chrysanthemum reveals Xeno.

Chrysanthemum records Argo, Neo, and Xeno.

Chrysanthemum replicates Escape.

Linker rule for Chrysanthemum:

if Kitchen links Diary and basement is examined, link established.

Rule for recalling the link for Chrysanthemum:

say "Since it looks like [Argo] and [Salt] were killed in the basement, Track [number-name of Kitchen] must have been recorded when the group arrived at the house. They found the diary in '[appropriate name for Diary],' and [Argo] wandered into the bedroom in '[appropriate name for Chrysanthemum].' He seemed to recognize the name of that Japanese writer. And the sun in the east confirms that this happened in the morning. ".

The description of Chrysanthemum is "[unless the item described is examined]A girl with long black hair [otherwise]Kiku [end unless]stares out [correct article for item described]window, the sun in the east sky falling on [correct article for item described]potted yellow flower beside her. [pb][cap-it][Xeno] approaches [unless the item described is examined]the girl[otherwise]Kiku[end unless] and stops at the foot of [correct article for item described]bed. [Xeno] sits and leans toward [unless the item described is examined]the figure, who turns around. She is Asian, mid-to-late teens, and wearing a plain white shirt and a skirt[otherwise]Kiku, who turns around[end unless]. Her large eyes shift from [Xeno] to the camera, her expression unchanging and flat. [pb]'We're so sorry[unless the item described is examined].' The voice female, the camera operator[otherwise],' Neo says[end unless]. 'We thought this place was empty. I'm Neo, and she is Xeno.' [pb][unless the item described is examined]The girl[otherwise]Kiku[end unless] stares into the camera. [pb]'What's your name?' Xeno says. [pb][unless the item described is examined]The girl [otherwise]Kiku [end unless]turns to Xeno and hesitates. 'Kiku,' she says, quiet and accented. [pb]'Do you live here?' Xeno says. [pb]Kiku nods and looks down. [pb]'Are your parents here?' Xeno says. [pb]Silence. [pb]'Your mother?' Neo says. 'Your Father?' [pb]'Hey.' [unless the item described is examined]A man's voice[otherwise][Argo] interrupts[end unless]. [pb]Kiku's head snaps away from the camera to stare beyond it. Her eyes widen. She rushes past the camera, which swings around to catch her disappearing out the door. [pb]The video stutters and fades out, clicks on. [pb][cap-it][Argo] is standing beside the door. 'Who's she?' [if Argo is identified or Argo was not pseudonymized]he[otherwise][Argo][end if] says. [pb]'We don't know,' Xeno says. 'She didn't seem to speak English well.' [pb]The camera follows [Argo] over to several books on a shelf. '[i]Makura No Soshi?[/i] he says and pauses then studies the other books. 'Think she can read English? She has [i]Twilight[/i] and [i]The Hunger Games[/i] here.' [pb]The video stutters and stops.".

Locked-Door is story-important. Understand "locked" and "door" as Locked-Door.

Locked-Door reveals Argo, Neo, Nickell, and Salt.

Locked-Door records Argo, Neo, Nickell, Salt, and Xeno.

Rule for recalling the link for Locked-door:

say "Since Kiku just ran out of the room in the [previous event] footage, its likely [event] follows immediately afterward. ".

The description of locked-Door is "The camera is carried down a flight of stairs toward [Nickell]. [if Nickell is identified]He[otherwise][Nickell][end if] closes the front door. 'Nickell.' A woman's voice. 'Did you see a girl come down here?' [pb]The camera steadies on Nickell. He runs a hand through his thick black hair. 'No, but I was outside setting up. I could have missed her. Somebody lives here?' [pb]'We're not sure,' the woman says. [pb]The camera whirls away and enters [correct article for item described]dining room then [correct article for item described]kitchen. [if Salt is identified]Salt[otherwise]A tall thin guy[end if] twists the knob of a door in the far wall. [pb]'What's up, Salt?' another woman says. [pb][if Salt is identified]Salt[otherwise]The guy[end if] turns around[unless Salt is identified]. He wears dark jeans, a shirt that says 'Meat is Murder,' and a bemused expression[end if]. 'The door is locked. I bet this goes downstairs. I'd like to get down there.' He sits at [correct article for Kitchen]table[if Argo is unidentified], and [Argo] joins him. [Argo] looks unimpressed[otherwise], [Argo] joins him[end if]. [cap-it][Neo] walks into frame, tosses a ring onto the table, and continues to the door. [if Neo is pseudonymized]Blue[otherwise]She[end if] twists the knob. [pb]'Let me have your phone, Argo,' Salt says. He extends a hand to [if Argo is unidentified]the guy next to him[otherwise][Argo][end if]. 'Research.' [pb][Neo] looks into the camera. 'Are you thinking what I'm thinking, Xeno?' She gestures at the door behind her. 'Give me your phone for a sec.' [pb]'I don't have a [']key['] app on that thing, Neo,' a woman says as she hands over the camera. [pb]'I want to check something,' Neo says, then the video stops.".

Google is story-important. Understand "google", "research", and "search engine" as Google.

Rule for recalling the link for Google:

say "In the [previous event] video, [Salt] wants to do an internet search. [event] must be it. ".

The description of Google is "[b]Summary of Google Search Results[/b] [pb][b]1. Mont Helene's Hospital, New Orleans[/b] ... 30 years since a patient was treated within its walls, Mont Helen's hospital remains dormant, the City has no ... one of the oldest and smallest ... [b]2. Mont Helene's[/b] ... On Orleans, Mont Helene's School for the Deaf is among ... [pb][b]1. two-headed cobra ring | eBay[/b] ... Vintage mens ring made of metal with a two-headed cobra ready to strike ... [b]2. Sangoro Correctional Facility [mdash] New Orleans[/b] ... The prison has been closed for over a decade ... metal rings with two-headed cobras sticking from them like horns. They are used as weapons ... [b]3. Snake Rings in Prison[/b] ... metal rings of snakes, sometimes two headed ... cobras popular in the Louisiana penal facilities ...[pb][b]1. St. Maria's [mdash] New Orleans[/b] ... The church has one of the largest graveyards in the State ... numerous large, and often elaborate, mausoleums ... [b]2. Mass Schedule | St. Maria's Church[/b] ... Mass is held twice on Sunday mornings ... Archdiocese of New Orleans ... Father Baptiste will be speaking at ... [b]3. St. Maria's[/b] ... haunted tours ... the tombstones were found desecrated, and many have gone missing over the years ... the ghosts that wander ... ".

Basement is story-important. Understand "basement" and "cellar" as Basement.

Basement reveals Argo and Salt.

Basement records Argo and Salt.

Linker rule for Basement:

if Locked-Door is examined, link established.

Rule for recalling the link for Basement:

say "Salt obviously wanted to get downstairs in '[appropriate name for Locked-door],' and it seems logical he persuaded some of the others to check it out in the [event] video, after he finished searching Google. ".

Rule for recalling the link for Motorboat:

say "The cawing of the crows when the group broke into the basement in the [previous event] video must have been the sound I heard at the beginning of the [event] audio. ".

The description of Basement is "'I didn't sign up for breaking and entering,' [if Argo is unidentified]says [Argo][otherwise][Argo] says[end if]. [if Argo is identified]He[otherwise]Shrapnel[end if] rams a tripod leg between wood boards and the side of the house at his feet. Two boards separate from the clapboard with a loud crack. [pb]A murder of blackbirds caw and fly off. [pb]'I told you that nobody owns this place,' [if Salt is unidentified]says [Salt][otherwise][Salt] says[end if].

[if Salt is pseudonymized][Salt][otherwise]He[end if] slides a knife into his pants. 'Neo was right. These planks have rotted,' he says just before the image goes black. [pb]The footage starts again. [unless the item described is examined]An[otherwise]The[end unless] enclosed counter fronted by clear glass sits in the feeble light cast by the window beside it. A pipe snakes from the top of the fume hood and attaches to the wall. [pb]'Wow,' [unless the item described is examined]a man [otherwise][Salt] [end unless]says. The camera swings around and catches [unless the item described is examined][Salt][otherwise]him[end unless] standing over another counter, its length swallowed in the gloom of the basement. [Salt]'s flashlight beam glides along its black surface, picking out bottles, a digital weigh scale, flasks, and a sink. It comes to rest on [correct article for item described]humming refrigerator. [pb]'What's that smell?' [Salt] says. 'Sulfur?' [pb]'Maybe this was a mistake, Salt[unless the item described is examined].' A woman's voice, the camera operator[otherwise],' the female camera operator says[end unless]. 'Argo?' [pb] The camera finds Argo pointing his flashlight over boxes in a corner. [pb]The video goes black and when the footage starts again, Argo is starting up some stairs with Salt behind him. [if we have examined the item described]The figure wearing the gas mask[otherwise]A tall figure[end if] emerges from behind them[if we have not examined item described]. Its eyes are large and bulging[end if]. It throws a cloud of glittering powder into their faces. Both men collapse gasping and coughing onto the floor. The camera dips as its operator begins to sway. She hacks and sputters. [pb]Argo twitches, shakes. A seizure. The figure[if we have not examined item described], whose face is covered by a gas mask,[otherwise]draped in darkness[end if] bends down and places a bag over Salt's head. [pb]The camera turns to the stairs. The video fades and goes black.".

Motorboat is story-important. Understand "powerboat", "motor boat", "fishing boat", "boat", and "power boat" as Motorboat.

The description of Motorboat is "[b]Audio track[/b] [pb]Excerpts from highlighted sound bites. [pb]00:42:05 [mdash] Birds chatter and insects buzz. The cawing of distant blackbirds. Their cries crescendo and fade out. [pb]00:51:02 [mdash] Faint buzz of a boat motor. It eventually drowns all other sound. Footsteps stomp along the wood planks of a dock. The motor dies. [pb]'Combien?' [unless the item described is examined]A man's voice. French[otherwise]Frenchie One says[end unless]. [pb]'She wasn't sure[unless the item described is examined].' Another man, French accent[otherwise],' Frenchie Two says[end unless]. 'Three. Maybe even four or five.' [pb]'Merde[unless the item described is examined].' A third French man[otherwise]Frenchie Three says[end unless]. [pb]01:09:47 [mdash] Footsteps along the dock. Water sloshes against the boat as something is removed from it. Feet clomp away. [pb]01:41:15 [mdash] The faint sound of a vehicle engine. [pb]02:05:55 [mdash] Male and female voices are talking, but their voices are faint and indistinct. As they approach the river, the French male voice becomes clearer. 'We don't need to come back. It's probably not safe for you either.' [pb]A boat engine revs. [pb]'Let her go,' the man says. 'Go home to her family. Live happy. And rich. Your husband would be proud.' [pb]The boat drives away.".

Fight is story-important. Understand "fight" and "beating" as Fight.

Fight reveals Xeno.

Fight records Neo and Xeno.

Rule for recalling the link for Fight:

say "The thugs were on their way to the house in the [previous event] audio, and it looks like they arrived in the [event] video. ".

The description of fight is "A close-up of [Neo]. [if Neo is pseudonymized and Neo was not pseudonymized][Neo][otherwise]she[end if] scrunches her face, and the camera shakes. 'C'mon you stupid thing. Work.' Floorboards moan. [Neo] looks up. The phone is cast aside, but its eye peeks from a crook in [correct article for item described][if one track which replicates item described is examined]floral-patterned [end if]sofa. It captures [Xeno] gasping and coughing in [correct article for item described]hall. [Xeno] bends over, clutching her stomach. [pb][Neo] rushes to [Xeno] and helps her into the sunlit room. 'Xeno? What's wrong?' [pb]Xeno sputters, and her knees buckle. [pb][Neo] turns to face [correct article for item described]window and disappears from view. 'There's some men coming.' She reappears at Xeno's side. [pb]The footage stutters, scrambles, goes black. [pb]It restarts. [unless we have examined the item described]A woman [mdash] fortyish and tall [mdash] [otherwise]The tattooed woman [end unless]is standing over Xeno and [Neo], who huddle together on the floor, oblivious. The woman hauls [Neo] to her feet and pulls her toward the camera. [Neo] twists, but she can't free her arms. 'Who? Let me.' [Neo] continues to struggle. The woman shifts her stance, flashing [if we have examined item described]her[otherwise]a[end if] yellow flower tattoo[if we have examined the item described].[otherwise] on her arm[end if]. [pb]Xeno, having regained some control over her breathing, gets to her feet. She looks left then darts away to her right. [pb]Crackle. Black. [pb]The video returns. [Neo] shakes and cries next to the camera. A black man points a Glock pistol at her. Suddenly he is knocked away, the gun falling. [pb][cap-it][Nickell] [if Nickell is pseudonymized and Nickell was not pseudonymized]and [end if][unless the item described is examined]clutching an oar stands over the fallen figure[otherwise]holding an oar[end unless]. He goes fuzzy, and the image disappears. [pb]Thump. A woman screaming. [pb][unless the item described is examined]A gloved hand appears and punches at something on the floor, fist bloodier with every swing. Deep breaths. The gloved hand pushes off the cushion in front of the camera. One of the fingers of the glove is shredded[otherwise]Breathing deep, the black guy pounds [Nickell] with a bloody fist[end unless]. The man hefts himself to his feet. He turns, revealing the Glock. He fires two shots at the body on the floor. [pb][Neo], in hysterics, is thrown onto the sofa. Two shots. [pb]Visual and

audio cut out.".

Escape is story-important. Understand "escape" as Escape.

Escape records Xeno.

The description of escape is "Close-up of a door. [unless the item described is examined]Somebody [otherwise]The thug [end unless]bangs on it from the other side. [unless the item described is examined]A woman [otherwise][Xeno] [end unless]wheezes and gasps. [pb]The camera shakes. It swings around to [correct article for item described]window with [correct article for item described]potted flower on its sill. The camera drops to waist height. [unless the item described is examined]The camera operator [otherwise][Xeno] [end unless]slides the window up. [pb]The door bursts open. The camera shakes and whirls around. [unless the item described is examined]It captures a black man pointing a [otherwise]The thug points his [end unless]Glock pistol[if the item described is examined]at [Xeno][end if]. Unnoticed by the man, [if one track which replicates item described is examined]Kiku[otherwise]a Japanese girl in a white shirt and skirt[end if] is standing just inside the door. [pb]The gun clicks. 'Merde!' the guy says. [pb][if we have examined a random track which replicates the item described]Kiku[otherwise]The girl[end if] offers a slight smile, and she nods at [unless the item described is examined]the camera[otherwise][Xeno][end unless]. [pb][unless the item described is examined]The camera operator [otherwise][Xeno] [end unless]grunts and wheezes. She throws herself out the window. She crashes into some branches and tumbles to the ground. The video goes black, but [unless the item described is examined]the woman's [otherwise][Xeno]'s [end unless]panting can be heard. [pb]The side of the house appears with the man at the open window. He points his Glock down at [unless the item described is examined]the camera operator[otherwise][Xeno][end unless], but nothing happens. He slams the pistol against the window frame. [pb][unless the item described is examined]The woman [otherwise][Xeno] [end unless]rises, wheezing and coughing. After a few wobbly steps, she stumbles through the trees. She steadies herself with an arm against a trunk, then continues through the foliage.".

Torching is story-important. Understand "burning", "burning basement", "fire", and "torching" as Torching.

Linker rule for Torching:

if Fight links Escape and Escape is examined, link established.

Rule for recalling the link for Torching:

say "The [event] probably happened after [previous event] and '[appropriate name for Fight].' There's a fight, and the thug busts up his hand. [Xeno] is chased upstairs by another guy. He comes back after the girl escapes, and everyone decides to flick the Bic. ".

The description of torching is "The screen is black, but voices are audible. [pb]'We have enough now.' A man with a French accent. 'We can burn this place. Leave nothing. It is safest.' [pb]'No[unless the item described is examined].' A woman[otherwise],' the woman says[end unless]. 'My mother. She needs this house.' [pb]'We must burn the basement at least. Nobody can find your work. Marco will take their van. We'll take the boat.' [pb]Floorboards creak. Footsteps. The woman, 'You should see a doctor. That hand looks terrible.' [pb]'Non.' Another man's voice. French. 'I hate hospitals.' [pb]Footsteps pound down the stairs. [unless the item described is examined]A third man. French[otherwise]The third French guy speaks[end unless]. 'She ran away.' [pb]'We need to hurry then,' the first man says. 'We'll need to move out the stockpile this weekend.' [pb]The sound stops, and the video ends.".